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Commercial Truck Wraps
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Greensboro Commercial Truck Wraps

Do you run a Greensboro business that utilizes trucks to do jobs for your clients, act as corporate vehicles or use them to make deliveries?

Custom vinyl truck wrapWell, you may want to increase the branding power of your business vehicles with custom vehicle wraps and graphics that display your logo, branding message, and contact information in a prominent manner.

You will increase your brand visibility once you take it to the road. Anyone on the roads, anyone who may be peeking out the window and other travelers will all see your vehicle branding. This type of marketing not only spreads your business message and build brand recognition, but it also reassures your existing and future clients that you’re running a professional business and that you’re ready to do business with them.

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High-Visibility Marketing

Branded work truck wrapChances are that you take the same route to work every day. Without vehicle branding, you’re just another vehicle passing by, blending with the traffic around you. However, if you have custom vehicle wrap, your company phone will start to ring more, and all of a sudden, it will seem as everyone in your locality recognizes your brand.

This is primarily due to the fact that car wraps give you wider visibility for your brand message and ideally give a consistent marketing effort. Most individuals take the same route to work and meaning you will be passing the same people on a daily basis, with or without realizing it. If you pass a person who seems to carry a sign on the regular, you will soon refer to them as the guy with the giant sign. This is no different when it comes to branded company vehicles. The wrap or graphics turn into a marketing tool that does an excellent job of making your business highly memorable and recognizable. This attention and message reinforcement lead to more sales.

Fully Customized for Your Requirements

Custom Food Truck WrapEach and every Greensboro, NC business is different, with a distinct message. You want your vehicle wrap to do a service for you and for it to happen, it ought to be eye-catching, professional and with features that are visible even from far. Also, the wrap’s layout needs to complement your company car’s shape. Our designers are properly skilled at designing ideal graphics, wraps, car magnets and will help determine the right product for you.

Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics designs, creates and installs the following:

  • Vehicle magnets
  • Full truck wraps and graphics
  • Partial truck wraps and graphics
  • Perforated window film
  • Custom stickers and decals

Many firms use various types of cars for various functions and we can create products for any kind of vehicle and model. You can count on Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics to create a design that is cohesive and tweak it accordingly so that it fits all your company vehicles, thus paving way for brand consistency.

Protect your Investments

Protective truck wrapThere is no denying that vehicles are a significant investment that must be protected. Well, the durable material used to manufacture wraps ideally serves as a protection layer to a car’s paint job, thus protection it from wear as well as weathering. These wraps, therefore, increase the lifespan, longevity and even the value of your vehicles.

Proper installation is required to ensure that your truck wraps are not only appealing but offer the protection you need. Our dedicated installation team handles the whole process from start to finish, giving you a complete product that we can all be proud of.

Full Vehicle Wrap Manufacturer

Branded Work Truck WrapCarolina Custom Signs & Graphics is here to help you through each and every stage of the wrap process, from the initial consultation to installation and even servicing and removal. Our team of well-trained designers, fabricators, and installers will assist you in designing manufacturing and installing appealing and durable truck wraps that will increase the lifespan of your company cars.

Do you have a damaged vehicle wrap? Whether it was initially installed by us or not, we can help you get it back in top shape.

Free Consultation

Allow us to protect your investment, attract new customers and increase brand visibility with high quality and long lasting vehicle wraps. We are your local Greensboro partner for cohesive and attractive truck wraps and graphics and any other business signage that you may want.

Call Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics today at (336) 252-2032 for a Free Consultation with a Truck Wrap Expert!